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The 'Meeting House' of the future should be one where people of all religions and none meet to support and coach one another; to celebrate life, to celebrate any injustice that has been rectified and to proclaim the following:-

People who are striving to reduce the conditions they place on love are all on the same side.

Whilst none should be turned away, we should strive to coalesce around a set of principles to protect us from Dogmatism. 


('The Free Will Debate')

'There is a rapidly growing tendency amongst contemporary Philosophers, cognitive and social scientists to advocate thinking and feeling in an illusionary way.

This seems odd to us, it cannot be right. They should advocate that it is the illusion of whether or not having free will is relevant.

Evidence suggests, if people are persuaded to internalise the absence of free will, they are likely to behave in a less moral (virtuous) manner.

It could be argued that in the 21st  Century, considerable evidence has emerged of the positive correlation between virtuous behaviour and the sustainable wellbeing of the individual.

There is also growing evidence from psychologists and others of the positive correlation between virtuous behaviour and the sustainable wellbeing of the individual (It is surely obvious that virtuous behaviour is in the best interests of humanity.)

We could have the best of both worlds.

When we understand the irrelevance of free will, we will realise it doesn't matter, but it's a good idea to pretend it does anyway. (Genyway)

The only illusion we need ironically, is the idea that it matters.

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The Gendeavour Anthem

We cannot tell, if free will is an illusion

Or if we are responsible within

But this we know, if we were all more forgiving, 

The chances are that all of us could win.

We do believe that all should foster empathy

and try to spread it all across the world.

If it becomes central to our philosophy,

then we would have a wonder to behold.

Of this we're sure, we shouldn't think judgementally,

We know so well, that's easier said than done.

If we persevere, then we believe eventually,

we will discover all can feel as one.

We do believe that we could change our culture,

though many say that this cannot be done.

But this we know, someday in the near future,

it will be said that we have overcome.

(Deep in my heart I do believe, 'We shall overcome some day.')

So often when we do wrong things to others,

it's simply caused by external chance events.

'Tis happenstance that causes our wrong doing,

and happenstance our wrong doing prevents.

We need to work on all of this collectively,

we'll likely find, this won't come from the top,

We'll give help when it pans out we've been lucky

and get help, when it pans out we have not.

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A Reason For It All( Eric Bogle)

A Reason For It All( Eric Bogle)

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1.   TOB - Think outside the box.​

Challenge social and cultural norms.

2.   ROT - Respect for the truth.

Resist the temptation of choosing to believe what may be convenient to believe.

3.   EOL - Enjoy our lives to the full, on the assumption that we all deserve to do so.

4.   EM - Embrace mystery.

Accept and strive to celebrate not knowing.

5.   SME Hold the scientific method in high esteem.

As the best means getting closer to the truth.

6.   BAC - Hold the accident of birth and circumstances as the self evident reason that all are equally precious.

7.   CAFE - Cherish and foster empathy, compassion, resilience and the notion that nothing worth having is easy or without risk.

8.   AIF Recognise the absence or irrelevance of free will. 

It requires us to forgive ourselves and others.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do. ✝️

9.   FAMAccept that our fallibility accommodates misinterpretations of guidance from any infallible source.

10. ESP - Engage in spiritual practices.

(Critical thinking and critical feeling) In order to compensate for our biases and keep our egos under control.

The Gendeavour Principles